What does Abarka mean?

In Mandinka culture, Abarka is a word that expresses gratitude. It is said after one has finished a meal as a way to say -thank you. We are grateful to the person who has cooked, to the person who has brought the food, to those who accompany the meal and, in general, to the fact of being able to enjoy the food.

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Generate social and labor opportunities for migrants and People of Color, valuing the richness of African cultures.


To be a quality benchmark in the African gastronomy sector in Spain, with social impact, generating decent work.


Quality, Community Empowerment, Transversality, Intersectionality, Cooperativism and Environmental Sustainability.

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Did you know?

The origin of African gastronomy is not associated with current countries in terms of their geographical limitations, but with different ethnic groups. As good connoisseurs of the history of this continent, we know that its borders were created without taking into account the diversity of cultures existing in the territories. For this reason, we cannot, nor do we want to, categorize the origin of our dishes by country.
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