Ngalakh and Easter in Senegal

Ngalakh is a traditional dish made with millet, peanut paste and monkey bread. But above all, it is a meal that is distributed to neighbors and friends on the occasion of Easter celebrations.

In Senegal, Easter is the occasion for Catholics to distribute “ngalakh” to Muslims. This decades-old tradition highlights a perfect harmony between these two communities. The Senegalese population is mostly Muslim, with Christians accounting for a small percentage. (approx. 3%)

Since the Muslim people offer the Christian community food on the occasion of their celebrations, the giving of “ngalakh” is a way of returning the courtesy shown. It is an ancient tradition that strengthens the ties between devout people of both religions.

This act of solidarity based on love and respect advocates that all people are believers of one faith or the other, however, despite any notable differences there may be, cohesion and good conviviality can only be possible if each party respects the other.


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