We are gastronomic activists.

We are social activists.

We are entrepreneurs.

We are gastronomic activists

Abarka is a non-profit cooperative of social initiative, born from the need to self-organize as migrants and people of color. The objective is to solve certain problems derived from racism, both in the workplace and in the social sphere.
We believe in the power of gastronomy, as a tool, both to generate job opportunities for people in the community, and to empower those same people, valuing the richness of African cultures.

The team

Our philosophy Teranga

Teranga in the Wolof language, is synonymous with hospitality. It is a lifestyle that places human values ​​before material values. Prioritizing the well-being of people.Following this philosophy, we are a professional and human team that understands the needs of today’s diverse and multicultural society.

With this idea of ​​transmitting African cultures, the Abarka Cooperative arises with a clear objective: to add our grain in the construction of a more intercultural society so that you end up saying Abarka! from the heart. For this, we always pay special attention to offer, in each of our services, that personality, touch, style and elegance that make it unique.


Generate social and labor opportunities for migrants and People of Color, valuing the richness of African cultures.


To be a quality benchmark in the African gastronomy sector in Spain, with social impact, and generating decent work.


Quality, Community Empowerment, Transversality, Intersectionality, Cooperativism and Environmental Sustainability.